Baby on Board; Testing the TAMI

There is still no let up in the freezing temperatures and snowy forecasts in the UK and bump is getting bigger by the day which meant I was super pleased when New Horizons Designs mentioned a maternity add on for the ladies TAMI revolution Hoodie; I just had to test it out.Photo 12-02-2018, 16 42 31

The TAMI Revolution Hoodie was released in early 2017 and immediately became hugely popular. With lots of design features and options, like double hoods, thumb-hole cuffs and full front zip modification it’s certainly never been an ordinary hoodie; it truly is a revolution!  It was also revolutionary for nursing mums with the option of adding a zip accent to the arm seam(s), included in the instructions, and thus making it super easy (and super discrete) to breastfeed nursing tots whilst wearing the hoodie.   It seems natural, therefore, for it to have a maternity (and early postpartum) modification.Photo 12-02-2018, 16 43 25

The maternity modification sees extra width and length added to the bodice pattern pieces to allow for bump, there are also slight modifications to the in-seam pockets to allow the pocket to lay flat and closed whilst lying against the bump.   All other options remain the same making it a very versatile maternity pattern and perfect for cold and changeable weather.Photo 12-02-2018, 16 41 40

I made my maternity TAMI in Organic French Terry (or looped-back sweatshirting) and petrol coloured fleece-backed sweatshirting both from Dots n’ Stripes .  For my cuffs and bands I used a petrol coloured cotton lycra.  The TAMI can be made in any fabric with at least 25% stretch which gives you a huge range of fabric possibilities.  Photo 12-02-2018, 16 40 22 (1)

I choose to do a double hood and thumb-hole cuffs for extra warmth.

I also opted to try out the zipper accent – I felt this would be really complicated and thought it would be a great test of the instructions as well as a mini challenge for myself.  I’m also keen on breastfeeding my newborn and the zipper would be something I needed to perfect in order to do that.  The instructions for the zipper accent were BRILLIANT!  It wasn’t complicated at all and the written instructions and pictures were very clear and easy to understand.  It took me maybe 15 minutes at most to get the zipper in and the results were highly professional (I really loved the zipper guard addition) and very pleasing.  Experience has taught me that interfacing stretch fabric for flawless zips is essential, and this is noted in the pattern; I would definitely not recommend skipping that step.

Photo 12-02-2018, 16 46 24


Photo 12-02-2018, 16 38 46I have always been a big fan of New Horizons Designs patterns and this was no different.  Living in the UK I have to print on A4 paper, an A4 trimless option is always provided by New Horizon’s and it really makes a huge difference – I’ve never had any issue printing their patterns and putting the pattern together is so fast and so easy with the trimless design.  Patterns are always well thought out and designed to fit lots of body types; the TAMI hoodie has both a standard and a longer length option and lengthening and shortening lines are included on the pieces to accommodate people of varying heights, the pattern also has an enormous size range, from xx-small (0) right the way up to 26 (US sizing).   The patterns in general also have very clearly written tutorials and clear pictures making them very straightforward sews even though they often have pretty unique and interesting design features.  I would say that the TAMI revolution would be suitable for all skill levels.

The TAMI revolution and maternity add on are both on sale now until 22nd February.

Photo 12-02-2018, 16 40 09


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